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Hello everyone and welcome to Jen's website!  Jen is a Published Author, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Guide, and Lecturer. She has a lifetime of experience with the "Paranormal". When she was 8 years old, she had her first experience with a "Shadow Figure". Since then her life has been very full of developing abilities, helping those in need (both dead and alive). Her life is to help educate and guide people to be the spiritual beings they were meant to be. She also helps people find their way if they are lost in this thing called life.

Jen's book "Dark Night Haunting" is her Paranormal Auto Biography that she has written to reach out to others that are like her and can relate. This was meant to help open people's eyes and help them better understand that the kind of life she leads as many others do, is not only normal but becoming more widely appreciated. There are many folks that are becoming more aware and awake to their own abilities within. This book was intended to help people realize they are more normal than they realize and that we are no longer the minority. The book also goes into her investigative experience.  The terrors and oddities she encountered in her very weird life. She gives some tips and tricks for people who would like to start learning how to do paranormal investigations.

Aside from her published book, she has written a variety of blogs as well as content for other books written by colleagues in the paranormal field. She is now a proud writer for a wonderful show called “Into the Fray”.  She is also involved in a variety of webisodes (web episodes), documentaries and other projects in the works.  As if all this wasn’t enough, Jen often does podcasts around the world to help share her knowledge and talents with both the paranormal field and the metaphysics. In fact, as her day job, she does readings with Astrology, Tarot Cards, Scarabs, Numerology, Angel Oracle, and Fairy Oracles as well. She can be reached for readings via her email or via her other sister site at: 

Jen often does lectures at various paranormal type conferences and when she isn’t, she’s at least a vendor. To keep up with Jen’s events, stay tune to her Facebook page via the button at the top of the page. She also has Twitter and shares information there. If you would like to book Jen for a conference, podcast, filming, or a reading, please feel free to click on the “Email Me” ( button or check her out on any of the sources at the top of the site. Thank you for visiting Jen’s site and blessings to you all! 

Jen has recently gotten married and is now known as Jennifer Jons or AKA "Jen Jons".


                           What others are saying about Jen's Book:

                                     (Actual Reviews on Amazon .... 4 out of 5 stars rating)

"Jen's book is an excellent account of what it means to become immersed in the world of the unexplained and to study it, appreciate it, and follow the trail in search of amazing answers of the supernatural kind."  Nick Redfern, World Renowned Cryptozoologist

" was not sure what to expect by this one but I found myself really enjoying it. The author has lived quite an interesting life and the first part of the book really explains what happens later on in the later chapters. For someone wanting to get into paranormal investigating, this is a real good place to start and you may find yourself having had the same experiences as the author without realizing it. Having had more then a few strange experiences in my own span of time on this earth, I found it easy to step into her shoes and feel some of the same emotions she experienced."

David  M. Graves

"I've been investigating the paranormal for over fifteen years, and I have read a number of books about the paranormal. From the title to the last page,this is a winner of a book. A "Must Read" for anyone with any interest in the paranormal. "

Jim Heater

"When I first thought of reading this book, it was out of curiosity. I am not graced with Jens gifts, but, I consider myself a bit "sensitive". Sometimes I wonder...

While reading her book, it was enlightening to know that she has had experiences and was able to clarify how her life was centered around her experiences and through them she was able to be at peace with herself.

Jen has a very talented way of conveiging her thoughts in such a manner that it is comforting, to know her life and all she has experienced has made her who she is and will become...

Thank you Jen for sharinig your experiences. Your book, will help others that have a courisoity and those who maybe thinking they too are blessed with a gift, how to handle it and learn from it and use it for "good"...


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