Below are my latest EVP's as well as Video Footage from my trip to Eastern State Penitentiary with Ghost Adventures, Debby & Mark Constantino, John Zaffis, Jeff Belanger, and Dave Schrader.
Below are EVP's that were caught in the past with my old group, The H.U.N.T  Paranormal Investigations.

Do you believe in Ghosts?
Yes Definitely!
Not really sure
I'm  skeptical but open
No Way

All equipment used on investigations listed below.
Sony IC
Digital Recorder
Above: Sony DCR-SR45 With Night Mode And 30 Gig Hardrive With Expansive Slot for SD Memory Card. It is USB Compatible.
Above is an IR LED extender to attach to your video camera to give you extra light when using Night Shot. I aquired mine on Ebay.
Not pictured are my set of walkie talkies as well as a small craftsman Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer and my Cannon Powershot A470 Digital Camera.