If you are finding yourself on my site wondering what it is that I do, I will try to explain to the best of my ability. I am a Psychic Medium who has been helping guide people for over 20 years. I  am not a fortune teller, in fact if you're looking for a crystal ball type of answer, you may be looking to the wrong person. What I mean by "Guidance" is, I am here to help show you what is going on within yourself and your life in hopes to help you find your way forward with your own abilities and strengths.

I do a variety of guidance readings. I use Tarot, Oracle Cards, Faeries, Angels, Numerology, and of course, Astrology. I try to cater to each client depending on their needs. The following is a list of my prices if you decide you are interested in a reading. When you're ready, you can click on the Paypal button below and then email me about your question and provide me with the correct information I may need. *All My Reaadings are done via email and sent to you in 24 to 48 hours unless there is an emergency. Please check out my menu below. Thank you!

The Tarot Readings are for the short term. I do have a 6 month reading and a 1 year reading. I will do them but be aware that things can change. We as human beings have free will and so this could alter what was seen months ahead. I prefer to do near term readings personally but if you really want me to take a look further, email me for more information on pricing and how it works. Otherwise, please feel free to enjoy the following readings:

3 Card Tarot Reading:

This is Reading is a very quick reading that gets to the heart of an answer that doesn't require anything more than a "yes, no, or unknown". This reading is only $15!  

6 Card Tarot Reading:

This reading is much like the 3 card only there is a bit more information. It may include a time frame, a head's up or just generally more knowledge that may help you to solve a problem, choose a different path, or even make a change in your life and/or relationship/job/livings situation. This reading is only $30!

Love Life Tarot Reading:

This reading focuses more on your love life. Are you having issues you'd like some guidance on as far as what may be coming up? Are you single and curious if someone special may be coming your way soon? Is he/she possibly cheating on you? This layout is designed to focus on matters of the heart and help you to get a better understanding of what may be going on or coming up. This reading is only $45! 

Financial Look Tarot Reading:

Naturally as implied, this reading is to take a look at what is going on with your finances, job, or career. If you are unemployed, I can take a look to see if you'll be getting employment soon or if you've interviewed, if they're highly considering you as a candidate. I can look at your situation in general when it comes to money, bills, or abundance that may be coming your way. This reading is only $45!

Celtic Cross Tarot Reading:

The Celtic Cross is designed to look at the foundation or the problem you're curious about. It will also touch on the recent past, what is going on currently, what the energies are that surround it, and of course.... the near future. This can also provide a "yes, no, or maybe" answer to your question and give you information surrounding whatever it is that is going on. This can be used for love, money, or most other situations. This reading is only $40!

Special Readings:

Angel Guidance Reading:

With this reading, I connect with your Angels and figure out what they want to tell you about your life. If you have a more specific problem in mind that you'd like their guidance on, you will need to include this to your email to me. Otherwise, I typically just take a very general look. Normally this reading is $40 but for this year due to all the turbulence everyone is experiencing, the reading is on sale for only $20!!!

Fairy Guidance Reading:

The Fairy Guidance reading is similar to the Angels only this time, I connect with your faeries by using my beautiful Brian Froud faery oracle deck. I can either get a general message from them about your life and what you're going through OR I can get their advice on any certain problem or situation you'd like more clarity on. They love giving advice just be warned, they can also be very blunt in their answers. Normally I charge $40 for this reading but just like with the Angels, I have discounted it due to the neccesity people have at current. That being said, this one is on sale for only $30!!!

Life Purpose/Path Report:

This reading is created with your date of birth. It gives insight on what you're meant to be doing in this life, how to go about it, and your personal tarot card affiliated with your Life Path Number. This report is very simple yet will help you get on track with your life if you are confused why you are here and what you should be doing. The cost of this is only $20.

Astrology Reports:

Predictive Astrology Report:

This report is good for 3 months time ahead starting from the date, time, and location you sent me your question. It's a chart that is forumulated on current time and date instead of your birth information. This is when you'd like to know what is likely to happen with a certain situation or area or your life and it's done with Astrology rather than oracle or tarot. The cost of this neat reading is only $30.

Planetary Location:

This reading comes in handy when there are retrogrades or certain planetary weather going on as it will help determine where the planets are in specific in your chart. For example, you hear that Mercury is in Retrograde. What you may not know is how exactly it will effect you. By choosing this reading, I am able to take a look at your birth chart (date, exact time of birth, location of birth required) and tell you more about how this retrograde effect you more specifically than the general look. This applies to any planet you are curious about. This reading is only $20!

Planetary Retrograde Report:

This one is similar to the planetary location reading. However, this will tell you where all the planets in retrograde are active in your chart and what you can expect from it. The planetary location reading only covers one or two planets whereas this one will give you more information and list what the retrogrades are for you through the current year. This reading is only $50.

Full Birth Chart:

As per the title of this report, this is a full workup of your birth chart to basically help you get to know yourself better, your possible habits, what your problems are, what you need help with, and just a very general look at who you are as a person. It will even tell you what type of partner you should be looking for among other things that are very useful. This is a fairly detailed report and as such it takes a bit of time for me to do it but it would be my pleasure to help you. This reading is very fair priced compared to many other Astrology sites. The report is only $100.00!   (*Requires exact time of birth, date, and location of birth. )

Chiron Report:

The Chiron is actually an asteroid that we are all born with and each person has it in a different sign. The Chiron is known as the "Wounded Healer" and is basically indicative of what we tend to experience painful things from when it's left unhealed. This is a piece of vital information that can help you determine what the core of your pain is in this life (emotionally,spiritually) and can help you figure out how you can take steps to heal this asteroids effects. Let me take a look at your birth chart, determine what sign yours is in, and help you figure out how best you can work at healing. This report is only $15!   (*Requires exact time of birth, date, and location of birth. )

North and South Nodes Report:

If you are curious about what your past lives may have been like, what type of person you were, but also looking at who you are now, where you're going, where you should be going, and things you possibly need to work on to align yourself with your life's path/purpose... this is where the North and South Nodes apply. These are found in your birth chart and I can help you make sense of them. This report is only $15!  (*Requires exact time of birth, date, and location of birth. )

For every reading I do, I donate to a variety  of animal shelters as listed below. I believe in paying it forward and helping save animal's lives. It's cleansing and enriching for the soul to help others in need. Blessings to friends! May your light shine brightly and beautifully!   If you have any questions about my readings or are unsure which one you should choose according to your issue, please email me. Blessings to you!

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